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SBA 504 Debt Refinance Program – A Godsend for Businesses

SBA's Temporary Debt Refinance Program was temporary but deserves consideration by the U.S. Congress to become a permanent part of the SBA loan programs.

The SBA's Temporary Debt Refinance Program, which ended September 27, allowed owners of a growing small business to refinance existing debt and access equity in their business real estate. The cash then could be used for essential business expenses such as salaries, utility bills, rent, inventory and debt reduction.

TxCDC was able to assist small business owners in greatly reducing their monthly payment outlay (with a longer payout period of 20 years at a fixed interest rate of 4.2 percent) and creating essential working capital to strengthen their enterprise.

We hope that the Temporary Debt Refinance Program will become a permanent part of the SBA's loan program! We'll keep you posted.


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In this Issue:
  • SBA 504 Debt Refinance Program – A Godsend for Businesses

  • Featured Client: Threadgill's Eddie Wilson

  • Profile Story: TxCDC President Suzanna Caballero

Austin's Legendary Threadgill's Restaurateur Gets a Heap of Help From TxCDC

product 1Owner Eddie Wilson Cooks Up Continued Success with 504 Financing

Eddie Wilson faced two major challenges during the summer of 2012 –recovering from cancer and dealing with a balloon payment on a mortgage note on his north Austin location of his renowned Threadgill's Restaurant.

Several times in the past, Wilson had modified his original mortgage to have funds available for renovations as well as repairs after a fire damaged the restaurant. Throughout these extensions, Wilson maintained a perfect payment record on the mortgage. However, in June 2012 as he was recovering from surgery, Wilson was confronted with a dilemma when his lender could not renew the note due to the bank's deteriorated capital caused by the national recession. Forced to find replacement financing, the legendary icon of Austin's entertainment industry had to scramble to beat an August 31 deadline when the note would mature and he would have a balloon payment he couldn't satisfy.

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The Business of Community Building

product 1 TxCDC President Suzanna Caballero Has Made a Career Out of Community Building, One Business at a Time

In retrospect, Suzanna Caballero's life experiences have served as the perfect preparation for her role as president of Texas Certified Development Company TxCDC.

Take, for instance, her childhood. Caballero spent many evenings listening to her parents - both of whom were in the banking business in Austin – talk about their work as well as the professional opportunities they had to benefit their community. Those conversations greatly influenced Caballero's career decision because she wanted a job that would let her participate with community development.

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