Blyth Rehberg: President, Marketing and BDO Austin

Phone: 512-433-1114

Blyth has been with TxCDC for eight years. In her current position at President, she provides training to lenders and conducts outreach to the financial and business community to increase awareness of TxCDC and the SBA 504 lending program.

Prior to working for TxCDC, Blyth was the administrator for Austin Minor Emergency Clinic and IntegraNet Organization Inc. She has Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences from Texas State University. Blyth has completed National Association of Development Company and Small Business Administration training, including 504 Credit Analysis, 504 Loan Closing, 504 Loan Packaging, 504 Marketing and 504 Credit Analysis Advanced.

Blyth is an avid adventurer traveling to numerous countries, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Germany. She enjoys power hang gliding in Hawaii, parachuting, surfing and rafting. This self-admitted roller coaster junkie also enjoys country and western dancing, reading and trying new restaurants.